Seek for us through the Mist.
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Welcome to Half Blood Hill Roleplay! Don't forget to create a character and roleplay in topics. :)
Post in "Seek Us Through the Mist"! The feast will be starting, and it's important!
THANKS so much for posting! Some of you, have actually been posting. Some, very few. I know for a fact that some of you had just neglected to post recently. I know that this is going to go slow, but I really need you guys who said you would post, do it! I mean HBH has died TWICE. This is it's third life. And you guys need to be true to your word. Come on. Please.
Can everyone copy the Who's Who code and send it to me so I can add you to the Members list? And also, your plot and relations should be done, and everyone who has met that character should post in it to have SOME KIND of relationship with that character. Thank you!

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PostSubject: Annmarie   Tue Nov 16, 2010 10:42 pm

Biographical Information[b] Annmarie's dad was Apollo (the God of music), and her mother, well she dosent know. Shes always lived with her uncle, David.
Name: Annmarie Maeve Wells.
Gender: female
Age(13-21): 15
Nationality: American
Birthplace: Alabama.

[b]Physical Description

Hair Color: blondie brown
Eye Color: Hazel, they change though.
Height(Approximate): 5"2
Weight(Approximate): 104 lbs
Typical Clothing: raggedy jeans, black converse, and a long sleeve shirt, with a hoodie.
Image(Not necessary):

Personality Attributes

Personality:hes an outgoing girl, who can be snappy, but who can also be shy and nice.
Flaws: she has freckles on her face, that gather the most on her nose. and her eyes change from brown to green. she carries around her ipod and guitar wherever she goes.
Likes: Music, singing, writing songs.
Dislikes: being the new girl.
Goals/Ambitions: she wants to share her music with the world.
Strengths: she can put on her pokerface.
Weaknesses: her pokerface dosent work if you can see emotion in eyes.
Fears: losing her guitar, and making enemies.
Special Skills: she's skilled at any music instrument she picks up.
Godly Powers she can hypnotize her with her singing, or by playing a song.

History She was a baby, when her father had to leave her. He left her with her Uncle David, because her mom couldn't be found. Ever since she was little, she was told not to sing in public. She broke the rule naturally, having a song in her heart. People gawked, she was bullied for being different. She eventually was expelled for getting into to many fights. She eventually meet someone, Blake, who knew she was different, and she was kept out of trouble. But something happen, and she was taken to HBH.

Personal Information

Weapon(s) Of Choice: bow and arrow
Fighting Style(s):
Family(Non-godly side minus the parent part): her uncle David, and cousin Clair.
Grandparents- she dosent know them

Parents- Apollo- dad
?- mother.

Siblings(edit when necessary)- none.
Love Interest(Description of a good match, not the actual person): someone who likes to listen to music. tall, and protective.
Hobbies: playing guitar, listening to music, anything to do with music, oh and swimming.

Chronological and Political Information

Religious Views(If any): she use to go to church with her uncle
Political Views(If any): none

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PostSubject: Re: Annmarie   Tue Nov 16, 2010 10:58 pm


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